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2011-11-13 05:19 pm

fun with custom poses...

Well, last night and today, I decided to take a break from really playing the game and thought I would try out some custom poses and see what pictures I could come up with. (Trying to get the "creative juices" flowing.  I kinda miss taking staged pictures, like I did in TS2.)

(I apologize to those that follow my Simblr account, because these are the same pictures that can be seen on there.   So, if you have seen them, please just ignore this post.)

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2011-11-11 08:58 am
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moar pets...

Well, I haven't posted any pictures in some time, so I have tons saved up!
I thought I would just post some of my favorite photos that I've taken during my time playing the new expansion pack.

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2011-10-22 11:58 am
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horsing around with the new expansion pack...

More from my adventures with the new expansion pack!
This time I used sixamsims's Pirate McSkittles and a female sim, Harmony to test out the horse interactions.

Image hosting by IMGBoot.com

(Fortune, the family's horse!)

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2011-10-21 08:05 pm
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pets have landed...

Yep, the pets expansion pack has landed in my game...
(I've actually had it since it came out.)
I've wanted to post some pictures for a couple days, but livejournal has not been cooperating with me.  So, I finally remembered that I can cross post from dreamwidth.

Anyway, enough of my talking...let's move on to the pictures.

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2011-02-28 04:50 pm
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The Bane Legacy -- 1.0

I decided to take part in the 4th Nova Legacy Challenge, because it is just too much fun to pass up. (Plus, it is an apocalypse challenge and I've never done one before.) There are lots of rules, so I'm just going to post a link to the thread...
If you want to know more about the challenge click HERE.

Anyway, on to my attempt at this challenge!

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2009-12-28 10:45 am
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Espresso Legacy: Part 1.2

I am finally back with another Espresso Legacy update!
(It looks like live journal is up and working again, so I won't have to spend all my time reformatting my posts.)

Anyway, I will quit babbling and get on with the family.

Lots of children running around, birthday cake surprises and typical simmy legacy fun.

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2009-11-17 06:05 pm
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(no subject)

Well, I had told myself not to run out and buy the new TS3 expansion pack, but of course, I didn't listen!

So, I went and bought the new EP this morning.
It took me a while to install and I ended up having to uninstall my original game and reinstall everything.
(Yes, that means I lost the Plum family. I am really bummed, but I desperately wanted to play the new EP, so I just did it. I'm sure I'll have another legacy up and running at some point.)

I haven't played a lot yet, but what I have played I'm enjoying. I do like having the little adventures with tasks that must be accomplished. (I find that kinda stuff fun.) My only problem is that I can't install Riverview and that does disappoint me. (I'll keep trying, though.)

Well, enough of my rambling and on to the pictures.

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2009-06-07 05:08 pm
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The Williams Family, Part 1.1

It has been a rainy, lazy Sunday and I've been able to play TS3.
So, I have another update from the Williams Family.

Silly Sim Shenanigans, Possible Language, Pixelated Body Parts and Lots of other Fun Things

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2009-06-05 08:42 pm
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Sims 3 Spam

I knew once I got started playing, I would have pictures to post...lol!
These pictures are just some rough shots of a few new sims I worked on this evening.
(I'm trying to get better at creating sims.)

Shall we continue on with the SPAM?!?!

The fishy likes SPAM!!

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2009-06-05 03:41 pm
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The Williams Family, Part 1.0

Well, I am finally getting some time to play the sims 3 and I decided to start up a legacy of sorts.
(I read that Pinstar is working on new rules for TS3 legacies, so this is a just practice one.)

I like playing legacy style, since it gives me a lot of options on finding out new things, but, it is still a challenge.

Anyway, I thought I would share some pictures from my newest family...

[Warnings: The usual...possible adult language, concepts, contraptions, consumptions, etc., etc.  Open at own risk!]

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2009-06-02 06:39 pm
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My Sims 3...

I had told myself that I would NOT run and get the sims 3 game the day it came out...
I saw all the nifty pictures people  were posting and I folded like a poorly built house of cards.

I installed the game this afternoon (I even left my sims 2 game installed) and played for about 2 hours. (My poor hubby was not happy, having to share his computer time...lol!)

Anyway, I still have a lot to go through before I completely make up my mind, but so far, I am enjoying the game.
And of course, I have pictures!

I made a new sim to explore the new features, so everyone meet...
Laci Majors

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