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Good evening everyone!
I hope you all have had a good weekend and are enjoying my new journal layout (I'm still getting used to it).
Anyway, I am posting, because I have another Spares Update!
This time we are spending some time with Chili, the eldest child from the third generation.
(My commentary won't be as extensive, so I hope everyone still enjoys it.)

[Warning: Possible adult situations, toddler cuteness overload and more.]

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Howdy everyone!
I hope y'all are ready for another visit to the land of colorful characters, evil plots and ghosts aplenty.

[Warning: Possible adult situations, scary ghosts and magical happenings.]

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Hello there everyone, tonight I bring you a special update.
I've been feeling bad that all the spare children in my Rainbow family have been stuck in the sim bin, so I am slowing moving them into their own homes and letting them have lives.

The first lucky spare to get a life is Nemo (I really adore the little muppet).
I hope everyone enjoys!

(Hopefully no one finds this too boring!  What can I say, not every family can have evil, world-domination seeking aliens running around! LOL!)

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Howdy everyone!
Long time no see....

I am truly sorry that it has taken me so long to get the next installment of the Rainbow family posted and I hope the next updates won't take me as long.
Anyway, I hope everyone is ready for more from the crazy legacy clan!

[Warning: Possible adult situations, vampire hissing, alien domination and many, many ghosts!]

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Welcome back everyone!
I apologize for not updating sooner (my hubby has gotten me addicted to the dragon cave).
I will get on with the update.

[Warning: Ghosts, craziness and surprises inside!]

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I'm back with another fun-filled update from the Rainbow family.
Sit back and enjoy!

[Warning: Ghosts, babies, and torture!  Open at own risk!]

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I bring you the next installment of the Rainbow legacy.

[Warning: Possible adult situations, death and destruction.]

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Good Morning!
After viewing brilliantcat's Drop house tour and some questions as to how I decorate the Rainbow home, I decided to do my own legacy home tour.
So, sit back, relax and enoy!

The basic shape of the house is a box (because I truly suck at building).
The house started with two basic rooms (bathroom and an all-purpose room) and it has just grown from there.
I started this legacy on a smaller lot, to keep my game from crawling, so things are a bit cramped right about now.
I have been trying to redecorate the house for each generation.
The outside is currently in a reddish/orange phase.

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Good afternoon everyone!
Today I am bringing you the next chapter in the Rainbow family saga.

When last we left, Marinara was choosen as the third generation heiress
and she headed home to start her new life.

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Happy weekend everyone!
Hope all of you are having a really great one.

Today I bring you more from the Rainbow family.

[Warning: Some nudity and the mundane musings that follow any University update. (Do I need to mention I HATE university!?!?)]

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Welcome back to the Rainbow household!
I'm here to bring you another fun filled update.

[Warning: 45+ pictures, lots of time covered, hope I don't confuse anyone.]

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Howdy Everyone!
I am back today with another update from the Rainbow family.
Today's update is all about their vacation!

[Roughly 30+ vacation pictures ahead!  Open at own risk!]

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I am back with another update from the Rainbow household.
Hope you all enjoy it!

[Warning: witches, ghosts and birthdays...OH MY!]

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Good afternoon!
I am back with another Rainbow family update.
Hope everyone enjoys it!

[Warning: More witches, babies, neon color and fun!  Open at own risk!]

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Good morning folks!
It is actually super early where I am and I should still be in bed, but I just couldn't sleep.
So, I bring you all a Rainbow legacy update!

[Warning: Witches, revenge, fire and snuggling...open at own risk!  LOL!]

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Happy Sunday everyone!
I am here with a new update for the Rainbow family.
Hope you all enjoy it!

[The life of a teenager and the strife faced by a cheating spouse will be found.  Read at your own risk...lol!]

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Thank you to everyone for the birthday and get well wishes.  I am starting to feel much better.

Well, I am here with an update for the Rainbow Legacy.
For this episode, we travel to Sim State University with the twins.
(I will be honest, I hate playing university, so don't expect many updates from university.)
So without further to-do...

[Warning: There is some pixelated nudity, thanks ACR, so open at own risk...lol!]

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Hello everyone!
Today is a special day for me.  Why you ask?
Well, today is my birthday!
Everyone want to know what my hubby gave me for my birthday?!?!
He gave me his COLD!  Yep that's right, I am sick.  My throat is swollen and sore (my whole neck hurts) and my head is pounding.
To make it even more sucky.  I fell yesterday in the shower and my poor left hip is killing me.
(Maybe I'm just getting old...lol!)

Anyway, enough of my whining.
I have another Rainbow update, because I love them and all of you!
Hope all of you enjoy!

When last we left Canary and her brood, the twins had aged into children.
Ratna started an affair (oh the horror).
And Canary was in the middle of a painful simmie birth.

[Just note, 40 some pictures to follow, open at own risk (LOL).]

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Welcome everyone to another fun-filled installment of the Rainbow Legacy!

When we last left our family, the twins had grown to toddlers and were busy being cute for the camera.
Ratna, our not so hard-working father, had just been fired from his recent job and was loving every minute of unemployment.
And lastly, our founder Canary, left in a huff, because I was busy pointing out the flaws in her 'one true love'.
Shall we get back and see what has been happening?!?!

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Hello Everyone!
I am back with another update for the rainbow legacy.

Sit back and enjoy!
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