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Today, I bring everyone another update from the Plum legacy.
Hope y'all enjoy it!

Loads of pictures, silly simmy situations, toddler drooling and stinky fish.
(Open at own risk.)

Let's find out where he's going... )
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It looks like a good day for a Plum family update!
(I've had these pictures sitting around for at least a week; I need to get a move on!)
Without further ado...

Lots of pictures, possible adult language/situations, attempts at humor and other various simmy silliness.

Where are THOSE pickles... )
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The Plum Family is now here for everyone to enjoy!

If you any questions about uploading/installing TS3 sim, please check out THIS
This is the important part, because it is how I uploaded and packaged my sims...

"Thanks to SSChan and linuslover30 for doing the testing to make sure this method works.  This eliminates all of the idiocy related to the Sim3Pack and the Launcher.
To export a sim, go into CAS and find the options dots as described above.  This time, select "Save to Sim Bin".  It will do it's saving thing.  When it's finished, go to your My Documents\Electronic Arts
\The Sims 3\Saved Sims Folder, and pull out the .sims file.  Zip or rar for upload.
To install, simply unzip the flie and extract it back to the Saved Sims folder.  That's it!

--Quoted from liegenschonheit


Downloads Ahead... )
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Back with some more from the Plum family!
(Sorry it took me so long to get this posted.)

So, sit back and enjoy the update!

Silliness, Lots and lots of pictures, Possible adult language

The kitchens are closed... )
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Good evening everyone!
I finally managed to get back to the Plum family. (Took me awhile to get into the legacy play mood.)
So, I have an update for everyone to enjoy.

Possible adult language, much sprinkler spam and lots of cuteness ahead.

Onto the pictures... )
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Yes, it is another legacy attempt from me...
(Feel free to shake your head.)
I know I have started many, many legacies, but I just can't help myself.
Since Pinstar came out with the official TS3 legacy rules, I wanted to start fresh with a new founder. (I'm afraid I broke many rules with the Williams family, but I will continue to play them.)

So, sit back and enjoy my new little family!

Possible adult themes and language, basic legacy founder information...

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