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Well, I appreciate all the comments about my Round Robin legacy idea! (I'm so glad I wasn't the only one that found it interesting.)

Now I do want to say that I am not a horror movie buff either...lol!  Depending on the generation I get, I will definitely have to look up character names, too!  Honestly, I'm not all the crazy about horror movies, but I still love Halloween! :)

Anyway, here is a list of people that are interested in participating...
(This is not the generation you will be working on, it is simply a list of people that are interested.)
1) cpowellscircus
2) Alleliua
3) garnet812
4) 6akalaka1
5) xxevermore
6) engram
7) zombiehale (xhale)
8) daysofoursims
9) Joedy_76

So to get started, we need some founders submitted!
Anyone can submit a founder and we will all vote on the one we want to start the legacy with.  You can make your founder as crazy and monster-tastic as you want!
Here are some links to different skintones:
1) community.livejournal.com/wcif_sims/213695.html
2) community.livejournal.com/wcif_sims/213855.html

--I know these are default skintones, but where there is a default, there is usually a regular skintone, too.
--Of course, these are only some suggestions.  Use whatever skintones you want.

Now all I need once you make your founder is a head shot and the name of the founder.
(For naming the first generation, ignore my first post!  You can name your founder from any horror movie that is NOT listed in a generation.  For example, please don't name your founder sim Carrie, since that is a character from the 10th generation movie.  But, feel free to name your founder Sidney, from the movie Scream.  Hope that makes sense!)
Please send me the picture using DW messenger, LJ messenger or email me (carebear_81@mail.com)...
Just remember, you will need to be able to package your sim and send it to the person in charge of the first generation.
Founder Submission: Please try to get ALL founder submissions to me by October 3, 2009! 
The poll will open and be open for 1 WEEK!

There was also a suggestion by engram, to have this Round Robin legacy hosted on DW...
I have no problem with this, except for the polls.  I can't post polls on DW, so all polls will be hosted on my LJ.  Otherwise using Dreamwidth for the Halloween legacy is fine by me.
[personal profile] engram  has also offered TWO codes for anyone interested in participating, that doesn't have a Dreamwidth account and I will happily request some codes if more are needed.
Now I will leave this up to those that are participating...
Simply post a comment with either, yes, I want to do this RR legacy all on DW or no, I want to have to hosted on both LJ and DW.

I do have one question...
Now, with the RR legacy, only the first THREE children are eligible for the heir spot....
(So if someone doesn't know how to package a born in-game sim, please let me know.)
My question, is when you get your heir sim, you can move them into any house, right?
And do you only get your 20,000 simolens to start, right...
(I'm assuming that is how it works, but I just wanted to double check and unfortunately, I can't read Laridian's journal.)
---No one has to worry about answering this...I finally managed to get my computer to cooperate and I could access 'adult' LJ!  YAY!

Well, I think that is about it for now!
We could still use TWO more people that want to participate, so feel free to volunteer to be part of the legacy!

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I've had an idea floating around my head for a legacy challenge (and possible round robin) theme...
Since Halloween is fast approaching (and I must admit, I really enjoy the holiday), I was thinking about doing a Halloween themed legacy.

Now I am quite horrible at actually finishing a legacy challenge, so I thought maybe doing it as a round robin challenge would be a good idea. (That and I would really love to see what others would do with it.)

I'm not much for a lot of rules and there are all ready great rules for the legacy challenge (by Pinstar) and the round robin aspect (by laridian.livejournal.com/)...
I certainly can't improve on them and I wouldn't even try!
My basic idea is this...
--Our legacy founder (which anyone can submit a sim to be voted on) would be created using some sort of supernatural skintone, eyes, make up, etc. (Werewolves, aliens, vampires, etc. are encouraged!)
--The founding name would be Halloween (or something cooler if someone can come up with it).  I know I'm not overly original!
--Each generation would be named after horror movie characters...
   Each generation would have its own movie.
   (Example: Generation one--The Exorcist, Generation Two--Alien, Generation Three--Dawn of the Dead, Generation Four--Halloween (1978), Generation Five--Night of the Living Dead, Generation Six--The Shining, Generation Seven--A Nightmare on Elm Street,  Generation Eight--Psycho, Generation Nine--Friday the 13th and Generation Ten--Carrie (1976))
   You can use any character name.  It just had to be a name from the movie.
   I know the first generation is the founder...
   I got a bit carried away with the movies...lol!  I just thought narrowing down the field of names out be easier this way.
--With each generation, you are encouraged to turn the founder/heir into as many supernatural (in game) creatures as you can.
--You may create townies and make them supernatural (monsters), to marry into the family. 
   You just must still follow the legacy rules of only marrying in townies and NPCs.

Well, I think that is about it.
Would anyone be interested?

Now, I know that I'm having trouble accessing my livejournal, but I can still see my friend's pages (I do have trouble if anyone's page is rated 'adult').  So, I may need a little help when someone updates and I can't see it.  (Basically, I just need to know the legacy has been updated and I can add it to a collection post, so everyone will know about the update.)  I can cross post all updates from my DW account to my LJ and I can read comments made on my LJ, so everything should still run pretty smoothly...

Anyway, I would just like to know if there was any interest...


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