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I apologize for not posting sooner...
I'm afraid things around my house have been a bit crazy, but I am trying to keep up on my various projects.

Anyway, I am here with another update from the drama-loving Bohos!

{Warning: Adult situations, non-stop flirting, fighting mistresses and much, much more!  Open at own Risk!}

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Managed to get some playing time in today...
...so I have an update from the Boho household!

Sit back and enjoy.

Possible adult situations, random townie lip-smacking, toddler spam and hugging siblings.
Open at own risk!

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I am back again with more from the Boho Family.

If anyone read my last post, then you are aware that my game has caught the 'crash fever' (thank you BC...lol), but I was able to snap enough photos for an update.
(Hopefully, I will feel like playing tonight and be able to get the Boho family back to where they should be.)

Anyway, enough of my random babbling and on with the update!

[Warning: Adult situations, language, beautiful women, bouncing babies and slapping.  Open at own risk!]

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Finally able to get some free time to post the first installment of the Boho Legacy.
I hope everyone enjoys it!

[Warning: Possible adult themes, extreme hotness that may cause serve hot flashes and much smooching. Open at own risk.]

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Good Evening Everyone!
I decided to start a new legacy, because I found a premise I really wanted to try.
(Don't worry, I have no intention of forgetting about my Rainbow Legacy.  I am very attached to that family and really want to reach 10 generations with them.)

Anyway, this new legacy will have a bit of a twist...

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