Dec. 18th, 2011 10:01 pm
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After my fiasco this afternoon, I decided to take Joedy's advice and try out FRAPs.
(Thank goodness it worked and I have some pictures to share!)

The cute little sim, that will be the focus of this little update is named Pearl. (She is an older sim of mine, retooled a tad.)  Anyway, I think she is adorable and I took way too many pictures of her to prove that fact!

Pearl does not live alone, she has one cat, named Oscar...

Oscar loves cat nip...

...and being snuggled by random people that walk by the house.

Pearl also has Bunny...

I honestly can't tell you which one is cuter!


Pearl has begun making friends with an actual sim, too!

His name is Lance (he is sixamsims's Pirate McSkittles) and Pearl seems to really like him...

No one can resist the cuteness that is Pearl flirting...


And then, the two of them decided to play water balloon fight...(I was powerless to resist taking way too many pictures)!

I'm having a lot of fun rediscovering TS2 and all the fun things to do!  I am also really thrilled that my picture taking situation seems to be heading in a much more positive direction! 

Well, it is time for me to head to bed!  Very long days in the near future, getting ready for Christmas and all!  Hope everyone has a great week and a wonderful holiday!


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