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I am finally back with another Espresso Legacy update!
(It looks like live journal is up and working again, so I won't have to spend all my time reformatting my posts.)

Anyway, I will quit babbling and get on with the family.

Lots of children running around, birthday cake surprises and typical simmy legacy fun.

´╗┐When last we visited the Espresso family, Caffe gave birth to twin girls, that they named Chantito and Verona.
George continues to get promoted in the police career track and is now getting called into the station all hours of the day and night.
Caffe ends up pregnant a third time.
She gives birth to another set of twin girls, that are named Dolce and Cinnamon.
Corretto (the oldest) ages into a teenager.
Chantito and Verona age into children and Dolce and Cinnamon grow up to be toddlers.
And that is where we left the family!

Welcome back to the kid-crazy Espresso house!

Dolce: "Found my horsey!"

Cinnamon: "I make pretty with red block!"

The youngest twins are pretty much left to their own devices.
(Esp. since Caffe started back to work and George is constantly getting called into work at all hours of the day and night.)

Thank goodness the babysitter is better in TS3 then the nannies were in TS2.

Good thing there are lots of toys to keep the toddlers busy!

Corretto keeps escaping the house and heading to the park for some peace and quiet.
(Can't say that I blame her.)

(I believe if I lived in that house, I would spend all my time at the park, too.)

Corretto did try some romancing of Brandee, again.
Things started out well.

And they quickly went downhill...

Brandee: "Sorry Corretto, I'm just not interested in being more than friends."
Corretto: "But, but, but..."

Brandee: "It's okay."
"We can still be friends and who knows what will happen."
Corretto: *sigh*
Poor Corretto!  I certainly hope things work out for her in the end.

Well, it was once again time for birthdays!
(With 5 kids in the house, prepare yourselves for lots of birthday photos.)

Up first, Chantito!

Chantito: "I believe I will wish for a room of my own."
"Verona is beginning to scare me with all the starring."

Verona got to go next.

Poor Verona, so sad looking.
(No idea what is wrong with her.)

Anyway, the girls grew into pretty teenagers.

Since Verona was so sad during her birthday candle wishes, I decided to make her a bit gothic.
(Well, as gothic as my limited custom content will allow.)

Chantito looks like your typical teenage girl.

(I apologize for the CAS pictures, but I just couldn't get a good picture of them during regular game play.)
The girls actually look quite a bit a like, but Chantito is currently leading the heir poll in my book.

Oh, you may be curious as to their stats, Chantito: excitable, insane, inappropriate and lucky...
Verona: friendly, virtuoso, bookworm and mooch.

Next up on the birthday parade, the second set of twins...
Up first, Dolce...

Dolce: "Daddy, I want to blow the candles!"
"Let me, let me!"

Cinnamon got her chance with the candles next.

Cinnamon: "Maybe if I close my eyes real tight, I'll get a pony!"

The girls grew into pretty cute children.

Dolce: "Why are you starring at me?"
"Did I do something wrong?"
Of course not, just snapping pictures for the masses!
(By the way, I have no idea what that little thing is on her chin.)

Cinnamon: "Fly bunny, fly!"
Apparently she has a very active imagination.

Dolce and Cinnamon get along very well.

Cinnamon: "Did you hear what Mrs. Peterson did in class today?!?!"
Dolce: "You mean that really happened..."
"I thought for sure Amy was kidding me."

Unfortunately, Chantito and Verona don't get along as well.

The two are pretty much always fighting and most of them end this way...
Chantito finishes the fight by telling Verona she is a loser.

Verona then finds a sympathetic ear in the family to vent to.

Verona: "She is always so mean, but her arguments never make sense."
"I'm not a loser..."
"Am I?"
Dolce: "Of course you aren't."
"She must have just had a bad day."

At least the girls can make peace long enough to work on their homework together.

Verona: "Maybe if I just ignore her, she won't talk to me."
I suppose that is one way to handle Chantito.

While the girls were busy with their homework, George was occupied building his skills.

George does not enjoy playing chess, he would much rather be working out in front of the TV.

Of course, it wasn't all play for George...
He did get to enjoy some fun things.

(I actually have no idea where he got the virtual reality goggles...
I didn't actually buy them for him.  He just pulled them from thin air.)

Once the weekend hit, Verona invited a friend over from school...
('Fraid I can't remember her name.)

She is adorable, though!
(I really wish I had a male heir, that could marry her into the family.)

With the weekend came time for Caffe to attempt to cook breakfast for the family.
Of course, we all know what happened...

Thankfully, Caffe kept her head and didn't 'freak-out' like her daughters.

Caffe managed to get the fire out, before the fire department made it to the house.
(I definitely think this family should only order-in food, instead of trying to cook for themselves.)

During the weekend, Cinnamon and Dolce took advantage of having some time off and got to work with their favorite hobbies.

Cinnamon: "This is what you get for making fun of my tennis shoes!"
"I'll teach you to be mean to me."
(I think Chantito may have struck again.)

Dolce spends her time curled up with a good book...
Seems that this is the favorite past time for most of the Espresso girls.

Chantito had lots of phone calls to return when Saturday came...

(Apparently she's not mean to everyone.)

Since the weather is always so wonderful in Riverview, Cinnamon and Dolce took full advantage...

(You knew I would throw in some sprinkler pictures at some point!)

They look like they are having so much fun!
(Almost makes me miss the summer.)

With girls busy and Caffe recovering from her cooking disaster...
George headed out to work on his reports.
(He had to start digging around into this neighbors' lives.)

George: "Hey, don't be snapping pictures of me!"
"They can't know what I am up to."

He decided to change tacks and just interview his neighbor.

He got some good dirt and managed to write a fairly interesting report for his bosses.

And then it was time for Corretto's birthday!

Corretto: "I definitely think I want my own place."
(Yeah, I can't blame her there.)

She aged into an okay adult.

So she's not the most beautiful sim ever...
(Good thing there are still plenty of choices left.)

I kept her around the house for a couple days...
Let her find a job.

Of course, it was soon time for Corretto to move out on her own.

At least she got the nice car!

And it is once again time for birthdays!
(No update is complete without lots and lots of cake.)

Caffe got to go first...

She just aged into an adult, so she didn't actually change.

George of course congratulated her anyway...

Next up, it was time for Dolce to blow out the candles.

Cinnamon got her chance next.

The girls aged into pretty cute teens.

Oh goodness...
I forgot to get a picture of Dolce as a teen.
(Promise I will have some in the next update.)

Cinnamon as a teen.

And she looks a lot like Chantito...
a few slight differences, though.
(She may just edge Chantito out for heir.)

Cinnamon didn't waste any time in snagging a suitor!
(Pretty much her first day of school.)

(And I really need to write down the names of townies, because I can never remember them.)

Unfortunately, Cinnamon's charms weren't able to persuade the boy into kissing her.

(This family has really bad luck when it comes to love.)

And that is pretty much it for this update!
I shall leave you with a picture of George aging into an adult!
(Warned you there were lots of birthdays in this update!)

Hope everyone enjoyed the update and be on the look out for more soon!
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