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Finished all my chores early today, so I had some time to work on another Espresso update!

Warning: Babies, toddlers, birthdays and more! Oh my!

When last we visited the Espresso household, we met our founder Caffe...
She was searching through the town of Riverview, trying to find a mate. (Her search wasn't going very well.)
Then she met George.
They fell in love and married.
Caffe then became pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl, named Corretto.
And that is where the last installment ended.

When George moved into the household, Caffe was finally able to buy walls!
(Always a huge achievement in the world of legacies!)

After Corretto was born, Caffe decided it was time to buy a family pet.

Caffe: "Who's a good fishy, eating all your food?!?!"
"That's right, you're a good fishy, Kimberley."
(I swear, I didn't name the fish, the computer selected the name.)

Now I'm sure everyone came back, not to see the fish, but to see Corretto.

She celebrated a birthday and aged into a toddler!
(I skipped the baby pictures for this one, because there will be plenty of other babies to "Oooo" and "AaaHhh" over.)

Corretto: "Lookie Me!"
"I'm cute, aren't I?!?!"

She's cute.
(Actually she looks like most of the toddlers in TS3.)

Corretto: "Bottle! Bottle is all mine!"
Enjoy that well it lasts!
(There shall be siblings soon!)

Speaking of which...

Yes, all those vomiting sounds mean Caffe is once again pregnant.
Caffe: "Why do you insist on torturing me?!?!"

Look on the bright side, you get to spend some quality with Corretto.

Caffe: "Say mommy, sweetie!"
Corretto: "I rather have a BOTTLE!"

Yes, teaching toddlers anything can be frustrating, but very rewarding in the end.

Caffe: "You are a silly little girl, aren't you!"
Corretto: *giggle*

It probably looks like George hasn't been around much...
Of course, he is awfully busy chasing the criminals of Riverview.

But he is still helping out around the house as much as he can.

George decided to take on the role of teaching Corretto to walk.
George: "Good girl, come to daddy!"
Corretto: *squee*

George was very excited about the fact that Caffe was pregnant again!

George: "I can feel the little guy kicking!"
Corretto: "You're sure its a boy, huh..."
George: "You bet!"
"He nearly knocked my hand across the room!"

Poor Caffe was feeling a little 'stir-crazy' at this point.
She hadn't been out of the house for at least a week, so George sent her downtown for a break.

Caffe decided to spend her 'break' picking up bugs...
(Definitely wouldn't be my first choice for a night out, but whatever floats your boat.)
Caffe: "Why did I think this looked like fun?!?!"

Once Caffe was done with the bugs, she decided to tell every neighbor she could find about the impending birth.

Random Townie: "How adorable!"
"I bet it is going to be a boy!"
Caffe: "My husband thinks so, too."
"I'm betting its a girl, though."

After her night out, Caffe headed home and promptly went into labor.

Caffe: "I knew picking up the bugs would come back and bite me in the "you know what"!"
"Where is George?!?!"
"We need to get me to the HOSPITAL!"

Caffe and George managed to get to the hospital.

And, Caffe gave birth to twin girls!
They named them Chantito and Verona.

Caffe: "Aren't you just the sweetest little bundle!"
"Both of you are adorable!"

It was around this time that George started getting called into the police station at all hours of the night.
(I believe he was around level 7 or something.)

This just left Caffe alone most of the night to take care of two crying, hungry, pooping twins!
(I'm really beginning to dislike twins in this game.)

Thankfully, it was soon birthday time!

Corretto got to go first!

Corretto: "Look at my cheeks!"
"I can make them all puffy!"

When she aged into a child, she received the trait of bookworm.

And apparently, she is one very depressed child.
Corretto: "I can't find my library card!"
"I think one of the babies stole it!"

Yes, I'm sure one of the babies took your library card for a noontime snack.

Anyway, shall we move on to the twins birthdays...
(I kinda missed the cake and candles, so we shall have sparkles instead.)

Verona sparkled into toddler-hood first.

Poor thing ended up bald!
(That will definitely get fixed in a minute.)

Sparkles then hit Chantito!

Poor little girl ended up becoming a toddler in a puddle of water!
(All the cheap stuff is getting really, really annoying! At least George and Caffe are gaining higher tinkering skills.)

Anyway, it was then time for some makovers!

Little Verona, with some hair!

Verona: "Bunny. Hop, hop, hop!"

And Chantito!

The musical prodigy at work!
Chantito: "I hit keys!"
At least she stopped eating the little mallet long enough for me to take her picture.

With all the kiddos running around, it was time to get a play table, so all of them could keep busy.

Let's bring on the block eating spam!

I do believe Verona is giving Chantito the evil eye!
Maybe she wants custom hair, too...

Once Corretto was finished with her homework, she got into the block building, too.

Corretto: "Is there a reason you are staring at me?"
Well, you are part of the legacy, so of course I'm going to be staring at you.
Corretto: "Not sure I like this whole legacy thing."
Good thing you'll have a while to get use to it.

Corretto proved to be a pretty good big sister.
(I love that kids can now interact with toddlers! I've always wanted that feature.)

She loves to play peek-a-boo with the little ones.

And while Corretto is helping to keep the twins busy, Caffe and George enjoy some time together.
(These two should really take time to sleep...)

Of course romance between these two always seems to lead to the same thing.
(No puking picture this time! We all know she is pregnant again.)

Unfortunately, she still has to clean up the mess that is made by the broken sink.

Corretto tends to spend most of her time in her bedroom, reading.
(Never had a bookworm sim before, it actually reminds me of myself.)

I certainly can't blame her for wanting some peace and quiet.
The house is definitely crazy with two toddlers running around.
(Plus there is a massive mess of toys everywhere. Pretty much looks like my house.)

Chantito: "My bunny now!"

Verona: "Found me!"

Of course George and Caffe spent as much time as they could teaching the girls everything they needed to know.

Verona: "Kitty."
I do believe George is trying to influence his daughter's career path.
Little too early there, though.

At least he went back to what he was good at with Chantito!

Caffe: "You can stand up all on your own, you're a big girl!"

(And it appears I was a bad sim goddess! I forgot to have some one teach Chantito to talk!)
(No wonder she is getting some of the less desirable traits.)

George still loves her, though!
(As do I!)

(And no, George is not trying on costumes for the annual comic book convention, he is actually a secret agent or something like that.)
(Master of disguise, he is not!)

And Corretto came out of her room long enough for an "Awe Moment"!

It wasn't long...
Caffe went into labor for the third and final time.
(Well, maybe final.)

Caffe: "This is definitely the FINAL TIME!"
Well, they say it gets easier with time.
Caffe: "And who is this 'they'!"
"Do you have more than one?!?!"
Nope, I stopped after the first time!
Caffe: "Hypocrite!"
Just get to the hospital!

George managed to make it to the hospital this time, before the cab pulled up to take mother and baby home.

So, Caffe ended up giving birth to twin girls, again!
(Apparently this family shall not have a boy.)
They named them Dolce and Cinnamon.
(I was going to name one child Cinnamon Dolce, but apparently that is too long and won't fit in the naming box.)

Caffe was quite happy with her new little babies!

Thankfully it was time for more birthdays!
(And less needy children running around.)

Corretto got to go first once again!

Corretto: "I wonder if I can wish for a new family with less children?!?!"
'Fraid not, you're stuck with what you have here!

Corretto: "They never stop crying!"
"It is just a constant sound!"
At least she has some friends to chat with about her crazy house.

It was then time for Chantito's birthday!

Chantito: "My candles!"
"Mommy, my candles!"

And Verona's birthday!

(And, Chantito got the trait of inappropriate. Verona got the bookworm trait...boring, I know.)

The girls were quite adorable as kids.

Verona: "I'm not adorable!"
"I'm crabby!"
I see that, but I'm way too busy to ask what is wrong.
(Way too many kids in this house!)

Would it kill any of you to actually smile?!?!
Chantito: "At least I don't look like I'm going to kill anyone!"
This is true.

Speaking of looks that could kill...

I am really going to have to keep an eye on her!
If I don't, I do believe she is going to kill her sister.
(I think Verona is secretly evil.)

At least Corretto was acting like a normal teenager...

She found some one that she really likes...
Brandee Hanley.

And Brandlee seems to really like her back!

Too bad she wasn't ready for the first kiss.

At least she let her down easy!
I'm sure Corretto will get her first kiss at a later date.

Well, it is getting close to the end of this update, but I shall leave you with birthday photos of Dolce and Cinnamon.

Little Cinnamon got to blow out her candle first.

Dolce got to go next!

And they both aged into toddlers.
(I really hope I am posting the right photos with the correct names...
Stupid me forgot to write down how to tell them apart.)

Anyway, Cinnamon.

She is definitely going to be hand full!

And Dolce!

She looks like a pretty happy-go-lucky toddler!

And on that happy note, I am ending this installment from the Espresso family!
Hope everyone enjoys and make sure to stop back again soon!

Date: 2009-12-06 03:49 am (UTC)
wishfulclicking: man in black and white pulling back a curtain to show moving sky (Default)
From: [personal profile] wishfulclicking
This is absolutely adorable!

Twins are such a handful in the game too. I've had one family have two sets of twins (boys the first time and girls the second) and my Sims were exhausted. I only got twins after I got the life rewards thing (I never saw results from spaghetti in Sims 2).

The only way my family functions is having the kids/teenagers interact with the toddlers.

Date: 2009-12-21 08:45 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
it was cheesecake not spaghetti that gets twins in Sims @ :D


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