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Once again, I am starting another legacy...
(I know, *insert eye roll here*.)

The reason I had to make a new legacy family...
The Plum family was deleted when I installed the new EP.
(For some reason I couldn't install the EP, until I uninstalled my game and reinstalled everything.)
I tried to save the family, but I must have done something completely wrong.

Anyway, I always enjoy playing legacy style and I had a fun, little idea for a naming scheme for this family...
I am naming the offspring after coffee drinks or types of coffee.
(Probably going to run out of names pretty quickly!)

Warning: The beginning of a new legacy, therefore, there will be the usual massive dump of starter pictures.

Shall we begin with an introduction of the founder...
Caffe Espresso

Traits: adventurous, over-emotional, green thumb, dare devil and flirty.

Caffe: "This legacy thing better be fun."
Well, I can't guarantee fun, but it will be an adventure.
Caffe: "I guess that will be okay."

So, shall we see the little 'shack' Caffe gets to call home?!?!

I believe it is the same layout that I always end up using.
(And I swear, I tried to make Caffe look completely different than Hannah. I'm not sure I succeeded very well. I must admit, I'm having a hard time creating unique sims in TS3, but I'm trying.)

Anyway, enough of my rambling and on with the legacy.
Caffe: "You really need to concentrate on me!"
Okay then, we shall.

For this legacy, I moved Caffe to Riverview and sent her out to the local park(s).

Caffe: "Oooo...Look at all the veggies!"
"I can so use these to start my own garden!"

I love having gardens in my sim games, probably because I kill any plant that is brought into my home.

Unfortunately, there were no single men for Caffe to hook up with.
Caffe: "So far, I'm not impressed with the male population in this town."
"Maybe I should try another town?"
We're just going to have to make due.

So, Caffe headed home for some dinner.

Poor thing looks pretty pathetic, having to eat dinner, sitting on the toilet.
Caffe: "I suppose I should be thankful that I at least have a refrigerator."
That is a good way to look at it!

The next day, Caffe headed to work.
(She took a job in the business career track.)

When she came home, she went downtown again.

And, preceded to get into a fight with a random townie.
Caffe: "I don't know where you get off, telling me that I look bad in this red shirt!"
"You look ridiculous in that tan hat!"
Good thing the guy was not a potential mate!
(There are certainly not many single men running around Riverview.)

Well, I shouldn't have spoken so soon!
Caffe went to the local watering hole, to blow off some steam and she runs into Don Lothario!
Caffe: "He is kinda nice."
NO Caffe! NO!

At least it was getting late and Caffe was getting tired (too tired to fall for Don's advances), so she went home with little argument.

The next morning was a day off for Caffe, too bad, no one told her sink she needed a break.

Caffe: "Ah Man! This place sucks!"
"Of course you made me pay my bills last night, so now I don't have enough money to hire a repairman!"
Well, at least the repoman won't be showing up anytime soon!

Once Caffe was done fixing the sink, she headed back downtown for some more mate searching.

Caffe decided, against my protests, to flirt with Don.
But he actually turned her DOWN!
I'm shocked. Truly shocked.
Caffe: "I'm too good for him anyway."
That's the spirit! So, on to the next park!

Caffe: "Hmm...he's kinda cute!"
Billy Caspian, I don't know Caffe, I think you can do better.
Caffe: "But he's single and he's flirting back!"
Move on to the little cafe, I bet you'll find some one there!
Caffe: "Hrmph!"
"I don't think I like this legacy thing anymore."

Thankfully, she met George at the cafe!

George: "So you are the new lady in town."
Caffe: "I sure am and you are mighty hot!"

These two hit it off quite well!

Things were going so well,that Caffe decided to move in for the first kiss.

And, she was denied!
Caffe: "But I'm cute!"
George: "Yes, you are, but I'm not ready for a commitment just yet."
"Just give me some time."
Caffe: "This whole relationship stuff is so frustrating!"
(It's not any easier in real life I'm afraid.)

Caffe didn't give up on George, though.
She continued to call him...

Caffe: "I'm wearing him down! I tell you, I am!"

And she continued to wear him down, until finally...

She got her kiss!
Caffe: "I knew he would come around sooner or later!"

George spent a lot of time over at Caffe's little house over the next few weeks.

There was lots and lots of hugging, kissing and flirting!

But, Caffe was getting a little antsy.

Caffe: "Shouldn't there be a ring on my finger by now?!?!"
Well Caffe, you can always be the one to ask.
Caffe: "I suppose that will be just as good."

Caffe decided to take my advice.

Caffe: "So how about marrying me?"
George: "Really?!?!"


George: "I don't think I'm ready to get married yet."
Caffe: "Ah man, this really sucks!"
Yes, yes it does.

George hung around for a little while longer, so Caffe thought she would try proposing again.
(Not a wise idea, but whatcha gonna do.)

I don't know why George looks so surprised...
I guess he didn't think Caffe would ever ask him again.

But once again...

(Okay, is this beginning to look a little familiar? Apparently my legacy founders are doomed to having horrible proposals.)
George: "I think we should get to know each other a little better first."

Caffe took that to heart.

(I guess that is one way to get to know each other better. *rolls eyes*)

So, since third time is usually the charm, Caffe decided to try her luck again.

Caffe: *sigh*
"Marry me."
George: "Really, you really want me to marry you?!?!"
(I think this guy may drive me crazy!)

Anyway, this time he finally agreed to marry her!

It's about time!

Since George wasn't the most willing partner, I decided it was time to get them married, quickly!

George: "I promise to love and honor and produce lots of cute sproglets!"
(Good, good. I like when my legacy sims know what is expected of them.)

So everyone, please meet George Espresso:

(Yes, he is a police officer. Good thing Caffe didn't get a job in the criminal career track.)
His traits: brave, family oriented, good, athletic and friendly.

Of course it wasn't long and Caffe was spending her mornings bent over the toilet.

Looks like our little legacy founder is expecting a bundle of joy!
Caffe: "Motherhood?!?!"
"I don't know if I'm ready for this!"
You'll be fine, I promise.

George: "There's a baby in there?!?!"
"And I'm going to be a father, are you sure we're ready for this?"
Caffe: "I think we're ready, at least I hope."
(I don't know how these two are going to handle parenthood.)

Poor Caffe isn't off to the greatest start as a mother.

Caffe: "I'm starving!"
"When will the fire stop, so I can eat my breakfast!"

Thankfully, George was there to help.

George: "Stand back honey!"
"I'll take care of this."
Caffe: "Don't worry, I got it on this side!"

And these two thought they would be bad parents.

It wasn't long and the labor pains started.

Caffe: "I don't like this part!"
"I really, really don't like this part!"
Just breathe Caffe and head for the hospital.

Caffe: "I certainly hope George gets paid today, so we can afford stuff for the baby."
I wouldn't be worrying about that right now, Caffe.
(I will say, these guys are having a lot of money problems! Certainly makes my life more interesting.)

So, Caffe ended up giving birth to a little girl, that they named Corretto.
(Her random traits: friendly and athletic)

She all ready has her daddy wrapped around her little finger.
George: "How adorable are you?!?!"
"You are just so cute!"

Caffe still had some time off from work, so she took advantage by starting a garden.

Caffe: "Look at these tomatoes!"
"They are going to be so yummy in our salads."

Too bad no one in the Espresso family can cook!

George: "I just wanted a snack, I swear!"

Jeez, at this rate, we'll be lucky if the legacy house remains standing for much longer!
Well ladies and gentlemen, this is where we will leave this update!

Be on the look-out for more!

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