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Well, I had told myself not to run out and buy the new TS3 expansion pack, but of course, I didn't listen!

So, I went and bought the new EP this morning.
It took me a while to install and I ended up having to uninstall my original game and reinstall everything.
(Yes, that means I lost the Plum family. I am really bummed, but I desperately wanted to play the new EP, so I just did it. I'm sure I'll have another legacy up and running at some point.)

I haven't played a lot yet, but what I have played I'm enjoying. I do like having the little adventures with tasks that must be accomplished. (I find that kinda stuff fun.) My only problem is that I can't install Riverview and that does disappoint me. (I'll keep trying, though.)

Well, enough of my rambling and on to the pictures.

To explore the new EP, I made a new sim and named him Charlie Adventure. (Get it, huh...lol!)
I sent Charlie to China for the first trip!

(Can you tell I love the scenery.)
So, once Charlie reached China, he checked out the adventure board at the base camp to find what tasks he could perform.

He decided on one that sent him to explore the Dragon Cave.

We managed to find the cave entrance pretty easily.
(Getting him to go down the stairs was a bit more difficult then it should have been.)

Anyway, he began to explore the cave!

Charlie discovered some gold coins in the cave.

It was at this point that Charlie discovered a story about a mummy and another adventurer, so he had to return to his "boss", to tell him what he had heard.
After that visit, Charlie was sent on another task...
Searching for platinum...
Well searching, Charlie found some relic sites...

After this, Charlie headed back to the base camp for some shut eye!

The morning came and I continued to snap pictures of the scenery.

I LOVE all the detail!

Charlie woke up and took a bath, to wipe off all the grime he picked up from exploring the cave.

Once clean, he had to head back to drop off the platinum to the guy that hired him for this adventure...
While there, he chatted up one of the locals and learned to sing a new song.

He decided to try his hand at martial arts training, too...

He definitely needs some practice!

With his next task in hand, Charlie set off to find another precious metal. (I don't remember which one.)
Of course, I had him dig for more relics!

With all his required precious metals in hand, Charlie went back to the man that sent him on his first adventure...

The last thing Charlie needed to hand over was a relic!
(Good thing I had him dig at all those sites!)

Now that Charlie was done with his adventure, he was free to explore what he wanted.

In China, Charlie ran or rode a bike everywhere he wanted to go.

By the time Charlie biked back to base camp, it was time to head to bed.

The next morning, Charlie met a lovely female explorer...

(I actually panicked at first, because I thought something was wrong with her hair....then I realized it is just a new hairdo.)

Charlie laid on the charm...
We'll see if she ever calls him again.

With a few hours left in China, Charlie headed to martial arts studio...

Poor Charlie definitely needs more practice!

So, on that note, I will end this little update!
(Not sure where I will Charlie next, but come back soon to find out!)

Date: 2009-11-18 12:26 am (UTC)
jackalibis: (Sims3 Sketch)
From: [personal profile] jackalibis
ZOMFG I want! O_O

But I can't have until Christmas... -_-;;;

It's what I'm getting from my hubby for Christmas. I say we celebrate Christmas tomorrow. *snicker*


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