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It has been a rainy, lazy Sunday and I've been able to play TS3.
So, I have another update from the Williams Family.

Silly Sim Shenanigans, Possible Language, Pixelated Body Parts and Lots of other Fun Things

When last we visited, Bobby found a career (the military) and the love of his life, Kate.
The two love birds married and Kate ended up giving birth to a little girl that they named Carmen.

Bobby: "She is just the cutest thing."
Bobby slipped into fatherhood pretty easily.
(Even though he got angry every time Carmen dirtied her diaper.  That will teach me to make hot-headed sims.)

Bobby even helped around the house..

Bobby: "Stupid cheap sink."
"Damn thing never works right!"
(Kinda hate all the cheap stuff; it is always breaking down.)

Since Bobby was so miffed, he went outside to play his anger away.

(I can't help myself, I just have to have some sprinkler time!)

Once he was nice and relaxed, Kate was waiting for him on the couch.

And there was lots and lots of smooching going on.

Of course all this led to some other things...
And Kate ended up sick.
(Shall we all wonder why?!?!)

Mr. Gnome: "At least she managed to puke inside the house this time and not on me!"
I must agree with you, Mr. Gnome.

Now it was at this point that I got really frustrated with the legacy house.
It looked AWFUL and was NOT easy to play...
(I know, I am horrible.)
I kaching-ed my way to a new home and new furnishings.

I suck at building, so it isn't anything beautiful...
But it works for me and it is much better than the old one.

So, with the new house and nice, expensive, shiny things, Bobby took it upon himself to keep a lookout for bad neighbors.

Bobby: "OMG!  I did not need to see that!"
Hopefully he didn't witness anything too awful.

Of course, even with new stuff, things do go wrong.

Like toilets breaking...

Bobby: "Hammering fixes everything!"
(So that is why my husband took my hammer, because it must hold magical fixing powers that I didn't know about.)

Then there is the dresser drawer from you know where...

Bobby: "All I wanted was a fresh pair of socks!"

At least Kate was doing okay.
She seemed really happy about having another baby.
(Yup, that's right folks, she was pregnant.)

(I don't know what happened to the cute maternity outfit from her first pregnancy...
Instead of that one, she got stuck with this ugly ensemble.)

While waiting for the big day to arrive, Kate spent time working on her garden.

Kate: "I have to get all the weeding done before my belly gets too big."
Yep, or you might not be able to even see the weeds.

Told ya, she wouldn't be able to see the weeds anymore.
(Pregnant belly always gets in the way.)

Once Kate's back pain got too bad, she started working on her writing skills.

Kate: "Hmm...maybe I should write about being pregnant..."

Before Kate gives birth to another sproglet, it was time for Carmen to celebrate a birthday.
(I will admit the birthday thing threw me for a loop and I messed up a bit.  I had Bobby celebrate a birthday instead and he grew into an adult.)

Bobby: "Yippee!  I like birthdays!"
(And here I thought adults were supposed to be more mature.)

Well, I finally ended up doing the birthday thing correctly and Carmen aged into a toddler.
So on comes the toddler spam.

(I just knew I would end up with a bald toddler.)

I think she is kinda cute.

(Oh, and that is Trey, the goldfish in the background.  Now I just have to remember to feed it.)

Last picture...

Overall, I am pleased with Carmen.
Carmen: "I'z cute!"
(I just wish I could give her hair!)

Kate: "OooooHhhh!  PAIN, lots and lots of pain!"
(Sounds like Kate has started labor.)

Bobby completely panicked!

I tried getting Kate to the hospital, but the babysitter took his time getting to the house...
So, Kate ended up having the baby at home and Bobby paid a teenager $75 for doing nothing.

Anyway, Kate ended up having a baby boy!

They named him Cedric.

Bobby: "I got my boy!"
Bobby was wishing for a baby boy.  Thankfully I had lots of spare apples for Kate to eat.

(I like being able to influence the gender of the baby.)

Of course, Bobby still paid plenty of attention to Carmen and even taught her to talk.

Umm...must we explain about the Grim Reaper at this young age.
You're going to scar her for life.

Kate spent time teaching Carmen to walk.
(At least she didn't scare the kid, by swinging her around the house...)

Thankfully the 7 days of toddler hood passed and it was time for Carmen's birthday.
(I was actually shocked at how fast the time did go by.)

(I think Kate might be on something.  There must be a bubble blower around somewhere.)

And so, meet Carmen, all childlike.

(I'm pretty impressed, but I hate the eyebrows.  They are so thick.)

Of course, little brother decided he wanted to age up, too.
(I didn't even get around to having a party for him.)

I think he is rather cute!
I do love the toddler clothes and being able to recolor them is wonderful!

With one child and one toddler, Kate was kept very busy.
She did manage to find time to harvest her apples, though.

(Falling apple = the theory of gravity proven correct once again.)

She was also busy teaching Cedric to walk.
(I love when the toddler wobble trying to learn.  Very cute.)

Kate is a great mother, but she was getting kinda sad because she was stuck at home all the time.
So, the next day off Bobby had, Kate got sent to the bookstore.

(She needed more recipes anyway!)

Well, with that picture, I must say goodbye!
I hope you enjoyed the update and be on the lookout for more!

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