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Well, I am finally getting some time to play the sims 3 and I decided to start up a legacy of sorts.
(I read that Pinstar is working on new rules for TS3 legacies, so this is a just practice one.)

I like playing legacy style, since it gives me a lot of options on finding out new things, but, it is still a challenge.

Anyway, I thought I would share some pictures from my newest family...

[Warnings: The usual...possible adult language, concepts, contraptions, consumptions, etc., etc.  Open at own risk!]

In order to start any type of legacy, we need a fearless (or insane) sim to start us off...
So, please welcome the star of this little project...
Bobby Williams

Bobby: "Yo."
He is a man of few words...
I gave him the following traits: Handy, Brave, Great Kisser (I do want offspring), Hot-Headed and Lucky.

I built Bobby the typical 'legacy' shack.
(I actually had more money to use in TS3 then I am used to, but the house didn't come out much better than my TS2 ones.)
It isn't much, but it is home.

Mr. Gnome: *waves*

Bobby moved in and immediately set to work finding a job.

Bobby: "Must earn some moolah, so I can attract some chicks!"
I think  any job will do for now, Bobby.
Bobby: "Not just any job will do, I have to find one that befits a true hunk like myself."
He ended up getting a job in the military.

Bobby got straight to work on his body skill.

He definitely needs to work on those muscles. 
The poor guy has jelly for legs.
Bobby: *pants*
"Someone turn this thing on LOW!"

After his exercise routine of FAIL, Bobby decided to head out jogging.
(Honestly, he was just trolling for available females.)

(I apologize for the HORRIBLE lighting and editing.  I am still getting used to the sims 3 lighting and it is taking me a bit to get the hang of it.)

Bobby: "And his eyes were all blood shot and deary..."
Random Townie: "Oh wow, that is so interesting."

So Bobby managed to meet one available townie; however, she just wasn't pretty enough to breed into this story.
Bobby: "She wasn't that bad."
Hush, you don't get to have an opinion.

With the first day done, the next morning came and went...
Bobby headed to work and I tagged along.
(It is kinda fun going to work, even though, you don't do much well you are there.)

Once he was done, Bobby went straight to the frig. and got some ice cream.

You're going to have to spend extra time on the treadmill now.
Bobby: "Whatever, I don't gain weight."
(I don't know if the sims gain weight in the sims3 or not...)

Later that night, Bobby went for another jog to the main square, hoping to find a hottie to bring home.

He didn't find much.
Bobby: "This town needs some  help in the hottie department."
I have to agree.

After a quick clothing change (don't ask me why), Bobby found a pretty lady to talk to...

Bobby: "So are you single?"
(The all important question.)
Random Townie: *giggle*
"I am in a relationship, but I am flattered you asked."

This is basically how his evening went...
Every pretty lady he talked to was married or engaged.

So Bobby decided to try jogging by the beach...
He didn't find much at first.

Bobby: "The lemonade is good, but where are all the women?!?!"

Don't lose heart, there appears to be a blonde in your future.

(Sorry I love the funny faces!)
Her name is Zelda and Bobby kinda liked her.
(She's rich, too!)

Smooching on the beach at sunset, how romantic.
Bobby: "I think I like her."

She wasn't bad, but still not quite what I am looking for in the genetics department.
Bobby: "But, I like her."
Again, your opinion doesn't count.

To help fix the mate issue, I had Bobby hire a maid (still shocked I had enough cash saved to do that).
Hopefully a pretty maid will show up...

Bobby: "Yes, I need help keeping my place clean and please make sure the one you send is pretty."

Well I waited for a relationship to bloom...
(Yes, I forgot to snap pictures of the maid actually doing maid work.)
Bobby took up fishing.

He successfully caught...NOTHING!
Bobby: "I don't think I like fishing."

So, he tried apple picking.

Bobby: "Much easier pass-time."
I can see that, you are doing it with your eyes closed.

Since that was so simple for him, I sent him to the pool for some exercise.
(He has to keep those muscles for his military career.)

He seemed to like the pool, but it was a bit boring.
(This neighborhood seems pretty empty at times.)

And finally, I had Bobby try butterfly collecting.

Once again, Bobby FAILED!
Bobby: "Hey, you try catching those things and then tell me how easy it is."

All right, since we have covered all the little side things I had Bobby do, let us return to his love life.

Kate (the maid): "I don't think I am ready to take our relationship that far right now."
Bobby: "But, but, but..."
Oh that's the way to woo her...

Thankfully, though, Bobby never gave up on Kate.

They ended up having their first kiss.
It was all very sweet.

Since the two were getting along  so well...
I had them speed up their courtship.

Bobby: "Will you go steady with me?"
Kate: "You betcha!"

Bobby: "Marry me!"
Kate: "Look at that diamond sparkle!"
"You bet I will marry you."

And on to the private wedding...

Everyone meet Mr. and Mrs. Williams...
(I know, whirl-wind romance, but I wanted to make sure she married him...lol!)

Kate Williams
(I gave her a little makeover.)

She cleans up pretty well.
(Speaking of clean, she is a neat freak!  Cleans everything and is always washing her hands.)

Of course it wasn't long...
Kate and Bobby ended up in the bedroom.

Aren't they sweet....

Bobby: "I'm starting to like this legacy  thing."
(Just a couple more days and we'll see if he still feels that  way.)

The next night...

Mr. Gnome: "Yuck! Don't ya have a place inside to take care of that."
Well, I think we all know what is wrong with poor Kate...

Yep folks, Kate is expecting!
Since she has a few days off from work, I had her play with the sprinkler.

(Seriously LOVE the sprinkler!  So many cute interactions.)
Kate: "This is how you stay cool when you are pregnant and its hot all the time!"

Bobby was a pretty good hubby, he gave Kate back massages whenever she needed one.

Kate: "That is wonderful!  Thank you!"
Bobby: "You're glowing, honey."
It's that wonderful pregnant glow.

Since Kate had some time on her hands, she starting painting.

Looks a little dark to be painting, but whatever keeps her happy and thriving.

Kate also learned to garden.

Kate: "Drink up little seeds!"

It was soon time to head to the hospital..
(So fun,  actually heading to the hospital!)
Bobby had to leave work...

(He made it in time!)

Kate ended up having a baby girl that they named Carmen.

(Love the little blankets they are wrapped in!)

Well, folks, I am afraid that is where it ends (for now)...
I should have more later.
(I'm really enjoying the game!)

Hope you enjoyed this little story and make sure to check back!

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