Sep. 23rd, 2009

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I've had an idea floating around my head for a legacy challenge (and possible round robin) theme...
Since Halloween is fast approaching (and I must admit, I really enjoy the holiday), I was thinking about doing a Halloween themed legacy.

Now I am quite horrible at actually finishing a legacy challenge, so I thought maybe doing it as a round robin challenge would be a good idea. (That and I would really love to see what others would do with it.)

I'm not much for a lot of rules and there are all ready great rules for the legacy challenge (by Pinstar) and the round robin aspect (by
I certainly can't improve on them and I wouldn't even try!
My basic idea is this...
--Our legacy founder (which anyone can submit a sim to be voted on) would be created using some sort of supernatural skintone, eyes, make up, etc. (Werewolves, aliens, vampires, etc. are encouraged!)
--The founding name would be Halloween (or something cooler if someone can come up with it).  I know I'm not overly original!
--Each generation would be named after horror movie characters...
   Each generation would have its own movie.
   (Example: Generation one--The Exorcist, Generation Two--Alien, Generation Three--Dawn of the Dead, Generation Four--Halloween (1978), Generation Five--Night of the Living Dead, Generation Six--The Shining, Generation Seven--A Nightmare on Elm Street,  Generation Eight--Psycho, Generation Nine--Friday the 13th and Generation Ten--Carrie (1976))
   You can use any character name.  It just had to be a name from the movie.
   I know the first generation is the founder...
   I got a bit carried away with the!  I just thought narrowing down the field of names out be easier this way.
--With each generation, you are encouraged to turn the founder/heir into as many supernatural (in game) creatures as you can.
--You may create townies and make them supernatural (monsters), to marry into the family. 
   You just must still follow the legacy rules of only marrying in townies and NPCs.

Well, I think that is about it.
Would anyone be interested?

Now, I know that I'm having trouble accessing my livejournal, but I can still see my friend's pages (I do have trouble if anyone's page is rated 'adult').  So, I may need a little help when someone updates and I can't see it.  (Basically, I just need to know the legacy has been updated and I can add it to a collection post, so everyone will know about the update.)  I can cross post all updates from my DW account to my LJ and I can read comments made on my LJ, so everything should still run pretty smoothly...

Anyway, I would just like to know if there was any interest...


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