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Howdy folks!
I've been meaning to make a resource list since I saw others while I was browsing through livejournal.
So far my game has been running pretty well, but there will probably come a day when I will have to reinstall everything (it seems to happen every 4 months or so) and having this list will make things much simpler.
Hopefully this will also help others that are looking for things.

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Well, I attempted to keep track of how many books I read last year, but I failed miserably. (It didn't help that I could seem to edit my posts anymore in livejournal...)
So, I am going to try to keep track what I read this year on here! (Hopefully it will go better!)

No special requirements this time, just a general list of the books that I have read this year.

List of Books:

1.) "Christmas Cookie Murder", by: Leslie Meier


Dec. 18th, 2011 10:01 pm
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After my fiasco this afternoon, I decided to take Joedy's advice and try out FRAPs.
(Thank goodness it worked and I have some pictures to share!)

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I reinstalled TS2!

My poor computer just can't handle TS3 all that well (and I was getting frustrated with the poor performance), so I decided to uninstall it and start playing TS2 again.

Of course, I have some pictures to share!

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Well, last night and today, I decided to take a break from really playing the game and thought I would try out some custom poses and see what pictures I could come up with. (Trying to get the "creative juices" flowing.  I kinda miss taking staged pictures, like I did in TS2.)

(I apologize to those that follow my Simblr account, because these are the same pictures that can be seen on there.   So, if you have seen them, please just ignore this post.)

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Well, I haven't posted any pictures in some time, so I have tons saved up!
I thought I would just post some of my favorite photos that I've taken during my time playing the new expansion pack.

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More from my adventures with the new expansion pack!
This time I used sixamsims's Pirate McSkittles and a female sim, Harmony to test out the horse interactions.

Image hosting by IMGBoot.com

(Fortune, the family's horse!)

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Yep, the pets expansion pack has landed in my game...
(I've actually had it since it came out.)
I've wanted to post some pictures for a couple days, but livejournal has not been cooperating with me.  So, I finally remembered that I can cross post from dreamwidth.

Anyway, enough of my talking...let's move on to the pictures.

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I decided to take part in the 4th Nova Legacy Challenge, because it is just too much fun to pass up. (Plus, it is an apocalypse challenge and I've never done one before.) There are lots of rules, so I'm just going to post a link to the thread...
If you want to know more about the challenge click HERE.

Anyway, on to my attempt at this challenge!

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40 The Big Bang Theory icons...
(from several different episodes and seasons)


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I am finally back with another Espresso Legacy update!
(It looks like live journal is up and working again, so I won't have to spend all my time reformatting my posts.)

Anyway, I will quit babbling and get on with the family.

Lots of children running around, birthday cake surprises and typical simmy legacy fun.

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Just wanted to wish all my friends a...

Hope everyone has a cat-rrific holiday!
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Today I started cleaning my house, getting ready for our Christmas tree.
(My husband promised to take our son to find one this weekend.)

I had to take a break, because of my back.
(If I do too much lifting, I can really throw it out for a while and that would really suck.)

So, I decided to spend a little time decorating a little house, that I moved a new sim into.

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Finished all my chores early today, so I had some time to work on another Espresso update!

Warning: Babies, toddlers, birthdays and more! Oh my!

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Once again, I am starting another legacy...
(I know, *insert eye roll here*.)

The reason I had to make a new legacy family...
The Plum family was deleted when I installed the new EP.
(For some reason I couldn't install the EP, until I uninstalled my game and reinstalled everything.)
I tried to save the family, but I must have done something completely wrong.

Anyway, I always enjoy playing legacy style and I had a fun, little idea for a naming scheme for this family...
I am naming the offspring after coffee drinks or types of coffee.
(Probably going to run out of names pretty quickly!)

Warning: The beginning of a new legacy, therefore, there will be the usual massive dump of starter pictures.

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Poll #1796 Generation 2 Heir
This poll is closed.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 32

Who will be the generation 2 heir?

11 (34.4%)

9 (28.1%)

5 (15.6%)

7 (21.9%)

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Well, I had told myself not to run out and buy the new TS3 expansion pack, but of course, I didn't listen!

So, I went and bought the new EP this morning.
It took me a while to install and I ended up having to uninstall my original game and reinstall everything.
(Yes, that means I lost the Plum family. I am really bummed, but I desperately wanted to play the new EP, so I just did it. I'm sure I'll have another legacy up and running at some point.)

I haven't played a lot yet, but what I have played I'm enjoying. I do like having the little adventures with tasks that must be accomplished. (I find that kinda stuff fun.) My only problem is that I can't install Riverview and that does disappoint me. (I'll keep trying, though.)

Well, enough of my rambling and on to the pictures.

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Icons 8...

Nov. 1st, 2009 08:50 pm
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I have more icons to share...
It is a bit of an odd collection of pictures, but I was just having fun making them.
Thanks to hysteria-09 and his/her wonderful coloring tutorial!
And a big Thanks to dandyxr for the Home for the Holidays stills and dj_capslock for the Halloweentown stills!


Included: A Bug's Life, Halloweentown, candy apples, fall leaves, lips and scenes from the movie Home for the Holidays...
(There's 17 icons.)

Please remember:
1) I would appreciate a quick comment if you decide to use any.
2) Please no hotlinking.
3) I take no credit for the actual photos.

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Icons 7...

Oct. 13th, 2009 12:25 pm
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I made a few new icons, while I was waiting for my son to get home from school...
(Couldn't let myself get too distracted or I would have missed the bus...lol!)

Please remember:
1) I would appreciate a quick comment if you decide to use any.
2) Please no hotlinking.
3) I take no credit for the actual photos, I just found them on Google.


1-6 Basset Hounds
7-10 Bones/Booth
11-14 Snow
15-18 Snow Leopards

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Oct. 3rd, 2009 03:39 pm
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I think I am crazy!
Since I got a paid account this afternoon and could upload my own mood themes, I decided to try making my own today...

I AM NUTS!  Looking up all these images...
So very time consuming!

I'm about half-way done and I've been working on it for over 2 hours.
Seriously, I think I am crazy for undertaking this project....
Hopefully they will turn out nicely, though.


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