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2009-11-30 08:29 am
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Hallows Generation 2 Heir Poll...CLOSED

Poll #1796 Generation 2 Heir
This poll is closed.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 32

Who will be the generation 2 heir?

11 (34.4%)

9 (28.1%)

5 (15.6%)

7 (21.9%)

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2009-11-30 05:48 pm
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Espresso Legacy: Part 1.0

Once again, I am starting another legacy...
(I know, *insert eye roll here*.)

The reason I had to make a new legacy family...
The Plum family was deleted when I installed the new EP.
(For some reason I couldn't install the EP, until I uninstalled my game and reinstalled everything.)
I tried to save the family, but I must have done something completely wrong.

Anyway, I always enjoy playing legacy style and I had a fun, little idea for a naming scheme for this family...
I am naming the offspring after coffee drinks or types of coffee.
(Probably going to run out of names pretty quickly!)

Warning: The beginning of a new legacy, therefore, there will be the usual massive dump of starter pictures.

everything must begin somwhere... )